Education in Cambridge

Cambridge's education system is the city's largest expenditure, with a projected 2018 expense of $183.05 Million (cambridge open budget portal). Both the city council and the school board play a vital role in determining how much funding the schools get, the salaries of the educators, which school buildings get renovation, even what topics get taught and when school begins.

This is not unusual! Education policy in the united states is very much a State and local issue, and even the U.S. Department of Education website reads:

Education is primarily a State and local responsibility in the United States. It is States and communities, as well as public and private organizations of all kinds, that establish schools and colleges, develop curricula, and determine requirements for enrollment and graduation. The structure of education finance in America reflects this predominant State and local role. Of an estimated $1.15 trillion being spent nationwide on education at all levels for school year 2012-2013, a substantial majority will come from State, local, and private sources. This is especially true at the elementary and secondary level, where about 92 percent of the funds will come from non-Federal sources.

- US Department of Education
Currently in Cambridge
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  • Is Cambridge doing enough to equalize education opportunity between boys and girls?
  • Could Cambridge do more to end racial discrimination in education?
  • How should Cambridge explore bilingual education within its school lottery system? (cambridge day)
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