Global Warming in Cambridge

Do accept that global warming is happening, but you don't accept that we should just watch it happen?

While it may seem like global warming is a global problem, there are in fact many actions that can be taken on the the local level. In fact, on April 24, the Cambridge city council voted to officially adopt the goal of a 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Currently in Cambridge

Did you know Cambridge:

Zero Emissions

What do you think Cambridge should - or should not! - be doing?

  • ... carbon tax?
  • ... incentivize renovating old buildings?
  • ... create a protected network of bike lanes throughout the whole city? (if that's your thing, also check out the bike page!)
  • ... paint streets a lighter color, plant more trees, replace rubber playground surfaces, or take more drastic action to combat the urban heat island effect and save lives?

Want Cambridge to remain a leader in municipal climate change action? VOTE!

Of course, you might also think the above is a bunch of hooey, in which case you probably want to vote in some new council members. (but we'd appreciate it if you also checked out this)

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